Ctrl-Shift-I Browser Inspector / debug etc Key shortcuts

Hi Greg,

Awsome that you managed to disable allot of shortcuts in the browser…
But would it be a good idea to enable Ctrl-Shift-I in Firefox and Chrome …

Yeah, I know you can do it via menu … But doing that while converting code to web 2.0 makes a hell of job not much better :wink:

Switch??? while compiling or debugging ???

File a ticket. I did for Web 1.0 and it was shut down for absolutely no reason.

Edit: I like the two year late update where it was marked it as a duplicate, missing the point.

I understand your frustration, but to be honest 23071 is technical speaking the same request (Your comment is loud and clear on 24-6-2016 :ok_hand:
So I can see why 42679 is closed…

Funny fact Tobias’s Bussmann workaround is shortcuts on keyboard … But that’s not working anymore… perfect when application are published to my end users (thanks to Greg) but during developing it’s really annoying (at least for me :wink: ) …

It doesn’t looks to difficult to enable and disable this feature (I think , I think :thinking: it has something to do with a if statement :nerd_face:).

@Greg_O_Lone Would you be so nice to (at least) consider it???