CTRL-C in not working in Windows

The copy - paste shortcut Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V is not correctly working in Windows IDE. Many times it paste the text copied before and not the last one, I have to use the right click menu and select the option Ctrl-C to get the correct text copied.

Xojo is 3.3 and Windows 8

I have just replaced my keyboard with a new one to be sure it’s not a keyborad failure.

Also it doesn’t detectes continuos key pressing (for deleting f.s.)

Don’t worry, I think everyone has this problem with Xojo. The solution some say is to hold it down (doesn’t work for me) or to spam it like crazy (works for me).

I press it 3 or 4 times.

Thanks Joshua.

Mmm, I could have spared the new keyboard.

It’s a big problem for me as I’m trying to reuse code from my previous apps, it doesn’t makes me happy.

Yes it’s also very annoying for me too. Especially because when I go and use other applications, I get used to pressing it just once again. Then I come back to Xojo and think I’ve copied something and then paste the wrong thing.

The good news is that Xojo know about the bug and they will hopefully fix it soon.

Did you mess with the default menus in your project.
Basic Edit functions DO NOT work in XOJO unless those menus are intact (you can make them invisible if needed)
but you cannot delete them, or disable them

No, I have not changed anything in the menus or other place.

I’m using the spanish translated version, may be this causes the issue. Can I install the english one overwriting the current ? It would help because I prefer the english menu.

This is a known problem and is being worked on and (according to the Feedback report <https://xojo.com/issue/29586>) is fixed for a future release.

Dave, he’s talking about the IDE, not within his project. Hopefully Xojo will have this fixed soon.

In the meantime, highlighting the code to cut/copy and using the menu items by right-clicking seems to work properly (although the insertion point for pasting stuff back in sometimes isn’t quite right.)

Edit/Copy works fine

I am using the Demo version (2004 r1.1) and it is really a big problem :frowning: hope it gets fixed soon …

The right mouse click is the other issue … doesn’t show up or shows up after huge delay of many seconds

It’s fixed in 2014r2.1.

In Windows (and I think in Linux too) you can copy highlighted text with Ctrl+Insert and paste with Shift+Insert.

[quote=133770:@Walter Sander]I am using the Demo version (2004 r1.1) and it is really a big problem :frowning: hope it gets fixed soon …
Go to www.xojo.com and download the very latest.
Its free to use without a license you just can’t build an executable.
There’s really no reason not to.

Done! Thanks