CSS Grid Layout

Leaving this right here:

I try to keep up with the ever changing space of web development. This seems to be the next iteration after the 12-Column Responsive Breakpoint Based Design. Hoping this drives some conversation and potential Xojo adoption with the WebFramework. I’ll probably hack some pieces of this together into the new Web framework myself in the meantime and maybe share that here.

My friend was telling my that FlexBox is really only good for one-axis (think lists or menus) whereas Grid Layout manages both

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I use it regularly in my (real) web projects and find it quick and easy to set up when you need to fill the page in 2d (flex does its job well in one line, like the toolbar for example)
It is also very easy to move elements of the page based on the size of the window: you can not only give sizing rules, but also completely change the display order.

I tried to make it available for Web2.0 in some way but I don’t have much time for experimentation right now.
In my opinion it is much better suited for Xojo web2.0 pages.
Among other things, it doesn’t conflict with flex so you can use both.