Crypto.Algorithm deprecated

I’m doing this:

ourresp = EncodeBase64 (username + " " + EncodeHex(Crypto.HMAC (password, challenge, Crypto.Algorithm.MD5)).Lowercase)

which is earning me a deprecation message:

Could someone indicate what the syntax should be in 2019r3.1? If I replace “Algorithm” with “HashAlgorithms” then it doesn’t like MD5.

I can’t find HashAlgorithm documented! What’s with that, Xojo?

Crypto.HMAC needs to be updated to use this new enum, so you’ll have to stick with using Crypto.Algorithm for now. feedback://showreport?report_id=58925

Crypto.HashAlgorithms page is now here:

OK, I’ll wait for that to appear in a future version, then.

Violently bashes head on desk