Cryptic (English-style) crossword


In what spare time I get when I’m not locked in our secret bunker writing Light Blue I write cryptic crosswords. One of mine was published yesterday by the Guardian, an English newspaper. It’s their online ‘Genius’ puzzle of the month; you’ll find it at on their website. The Genius puzzles are a bit unusual, in that there’s often something funny with them; in this case… well, you’ll see if you look at the across clues in the PDF.

If you like the puzzle there’s another of mine here, where you need to fit the clues into the grid wherever they go (and the clues for which are rhyming pentameter couplets, just to make my life as a setter harder). For this puzzle, the A clue starts with A, the B clue with B and so on.

I also set custom puzzles, which make unusual presents - drop me a note if you’re interested.