CRUD for List

Given a list with, say 4 fields - ID, Name, Address & City.
But the SELECT statement gets those fields and a Notes field.
I don’t want to display the Notes field in the list since it’s too big.
But I do want to be able to edit and do the usual CRUD.
I got the CRUD working on the 4 list fields, but how do i handle the Notes field which is not in the list?

Note: I have the CRUD working for the Notes field too (using an array to hold the value), but as soon as I sort the column heading and edit, the Note field is all wrong. Big trouble!

put the note field into the rowtag property of the list(box ?)

Why to waste resources?

If Notes is not even displayed, why to load it? Just query the 3 fields that you are going to use.

CRUD has nothing to do with selecting ALL the rows, much less having them in memory.

If you are going to edit the Note, just use another SELECT for that specific row

I know I can use another SELECT but that seems like a lot more work.

I’m already using the rowtag to track the record ID. Can you use the rowtag for more than one field?

I use a very simple framework with interconnected selects. One select is for the list, which saves the RecID as rowtag. When a row the listbox is selected a select for the single row of the table is done.

You can put a dictionary into the rowtag because the rowtag is a variant.

Okay, it sounds like using an extra SELECT is the way to go. I’ll have to read up on Xojo dictionary’s. Thanks all.

I would create a class to hold the 4 values AND the notes field, then use the RowTag to store an instance of the class. Keeps everything together.