Crossed Lines (diagonal) on IDE -> Run ?

I had a surprise when I ran one project earlier today:

nearly all controls get a crossed line (diagonal, from bottom-left to top-right) at compile time in the IDE.

A quit, run, run and it does not reappears.

Do you have running into the same ?

Internal controls or third party controls?

Internal controls. I just shared the project (ArcShape Demo) without Cocoa rtf declares.

I can add that I was so scared that I quit Xojo (2014r2.1), re run it at all was clear. I do not think to make a screen shot.

Only the two or three controls of the top/left of the window (and the Canvas) does not had the diagonal. Diagonal were on Label / Slider (or was it only on Labels ?).

I am sorry: I am not capable of giving more description; I really was in a state of shock.