Crossbasic screenshots

So its a really, really odd request but does anyone have any screenshots from Crossbasic? Google failed me (not surprising given that the app predates Google :slight_smile: and my own screenshots are long, long lost.

Not me. I started with REALbasic 0.24a (before release 1), so after CrossBASIC.

The FYI company have not changed its name, yet.

“It was twenty years ago today”… (not today, but this month, I think).

Here’s one. Imgur messes it up a bit so if you need a cleaner one, email me.

Interesting to see, where while things change, things remain the same :slight_smile:


I have to admit - I sometimes miss the multi-windowed layout of REAL basic. Being able to see multiple window layouts without multiple copies of the full IDE around each, the ability to have both the Library and the Inspector visible without the oddities produced by the “palette” format, Seeing the code and its window at the same time …

Perhaps I misunderstand, but you can do this today - just drag a tab out of the window and poof - you have a 2nd window showing the same project. No need for multiple IDEs.

But, you have all of the decorations of the IDE, NOT just the window’s layout as with CB/RB. That’s what I meant by a copy of teh full IDE around each window.

But you could only have one project open at a time…

I looked at that screenshot and immediately remembered losing windows behind one another. :slight_smile:

Thanks Geoff

That is when I learned the CMD-` is your friend :slight_smile: