Cross-Platform Analyze Project?

I want to use Analyze Project to include both Mac and Windows when checking for unused things (variables, methods, parameters, etc).

I’m on a Mac, and even if I have both Mac and Windows checked as build platforms, when I analyze the project, it fails to see code inside #If TargetWindows statements. So it thinks lots of things are unused, when in fact they are.

Is there a way to make Analyze Project include everything ?

not that I am aware of.

and if it says something is “unused” when you Analyze for Mac (or vice versa)
why aren’t those things inside the #If Target ?

They are inside #If Target.

The point is, I want to find all of the unused items, on all of the platforms that I build on - without having to double-check every report of an unused item actually being used inside #If Target statements. If I was dealing with a tiny little app, it wouldn’t matter, but on a big project it’s useless.

Analyze only works on the “current” platform.


[quote=413621:@Jason Parsley]Analyze only works on the “current” platform.
Feedback Case #3410[/quote]

Already mentioned in RB 2008R3 ? Since it’s experienced as a failing which never gets fixed, why not put a note in the documentation. ?

Thanks for the suggestion. Added yesterday:$analyzing-the-project

I believe that a project for Mac should be finalized on a Mac and a if you target Windows you should finalize it on Windows (native or VM). After all, you cannot proof code within a #TargetWindows on a Mac and visa versa.

Sure, you need to work on a platform to make an app for said platform. However, doing a Cmd-k is faster than doing a Cmd-r. How often do you see a typo in the second after doing a Cmd-r? And it takes much longer to stop than doing a Cmd-k.

Working with VM’s on a Mac is probably the best solution for multi platform development.