Creating new Windows in plain code on Windows

Does anyone know if it is possible to actually make plain box windows in pure code on Windows ? (I need this for overlay purposes, and cannot make Window that exists in the designer)

So code like this:

Dim w as Window = new Window()

w.Frame = Window.FrameTypePlain // <---- This one does not really give me plain

w.CloseButton = false
w.Resizeable = false

w.MenuBar = nil

w.MinimizeButton = false
w.MaximizeButton = false

w.FullScreenButton = false

w.Height = 300
w.Width = 10


Except setting the frame type does not really work



I think I got it as I want it by setting
SetWindowLong(wnd.Handle, -16, 2491416576)
SetWindowPos(wnd.Handle, after, 0, 0, 5, 100, SWP_NOMOVE)