Creating Executable Files within an Executable File

Hi everyone,

is there a way that xojo can build an executable file with specific code in it, then run it?

i have been playing around with what xojo is capable of and right now i am testing console applications that open other files, i have just attempted it running an executable and it works wonderfully, but im curious if it can create an executable within itself so that there are not 2 pieces to the same code.

an example is i want the console app that the user opens to build a executable file that, when it is created, lists the names of all files that reside in the same folder as the new executable file (just a test for stupid stuff and this idea seemed simple enough to attempt). Once this new executable file is created i want the user opened console app to run that executable.

Any ideas?

Years ago we shipped an app to create an app.
Just make a runtime app in Xojo and copy it where user wants and add inside the bundle some file so the runtime knows what to do.
e.g. include a folder of pictures for a slideshow app.

You can write a batch file ( (windows) simple text file with .bat extension).
here 2 links: