Creating an iOS Toast - Source code available

I have started porting Toast for Swift to Xojo code using @Ulrich Bogun iOSLib

The toast is displayed but there are still many issues that my iOS declare’s knowledge prevent from fixing.

-Initializing the view without an iOSView looses the layer declaration
-iOSControls aren’t positioned correctly
-Tap gesture on the toast crashes the application

The source-code is available here:

As soon as it is completed I will host the code on GitHub.

Hi Jrmie, just wondering if you got any further with this project, specifically the issues you mentioned.

Hi Gavin,

Unfortunately no.
When Jean-Paul replied I discovered he already had a class for that so I stopped searching the issue.

But when using Jean-Paul’s class on iPad the toast has a big orange/yellow background, so it can’t be used, unless you are only targeting iPhone.

I’ll try to have a look at it next week, now that I understand declares and UIKit a bit better.

At first glance, it does not seem terribly difficult to emulate with a simple Canvas added dynamically, and a timer or two to control fade in/fade out.