creating "all" in Filetype editor

Is there a way in the Filetype editor to create an “all” Filetype for say audio? I cannot find an example. Do I simply have for:
Display Name: audio/all
Extensions: .wav;.mp3;.swa

It doesn’t seem right since there are: UTI Identifier, Conforms To, OS Type

Found my answer. My primary cause for asking was for having an OpenDialog file type have all.

  1. Create an audio filetype eg. FileTypeAudio
  2. For the filter line
dlg.Filter = FileTypesAudio.All

It then display all and each of the items in that set of Filetype.
I imagine if I changed the name to AllAudio I could have made it even clearer.

I wish that some explanation of this was added to the documentations and or language reference.

Yes. Forgot to include the link. Thank you

I was just trying to point you (and people searching in the future) toward the documentation that covers how to get every filetype from a FileTypeSet :slight_smile:

Again thank you. I wish someone would add a little explanation of the process to either that page or someplace else.