Creating a Windows 64-bit app

The User Guide says “The Inspector for each build target (Windows, macOS and Linux) has a property called Architecture where you can select the type of architecture you want to build. To create a 64-bit app for your existing projects, change the Architecture setting from “x86 32-bit” to “x86-64-bit” and then press the Build button.”

Folks, I cannot find this property in my licensed Desktop Windows version of Xojo. I even looked in all the Xojo source files. I found “LinuxX86Name”, but nothing else with X86. I need 64-bit Windows apps to run under Windows on current MacOS.

Where/What/How is the magic button in the Xojo window that displays the Architecture options? Thanks :slight_smile:

the architecture for each target is settable here:

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What Xojo version are-you using ?

In Xojo 2021r2.1, x86 64-Bits is set by default.

Thanks, Jeff and Emile. My Windows project was set to 32-bit, perhaps because the source code was from an earlier version. Now 64-bit. :slight_smile:

It is default 32 bit for me on Windows when I create new project on all new Xojo versions.



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