Creating a window with a special kind of area ?

Is it possible to create a window with a non-rectangular (non-square) outline? Like, for example, the borders of Texas ?

In HyperCard, it was possible to do that.

Target: Linux / Mac OS / Windows.

For Windows there is an example in Examples - Platform-Specific - Windows - CustomWindowShape.

My guess is that you need declares or something like that for each target.

Alberto: I remember the name, but I forget what it does.

Are-you sure I can set its look just like Italia ? (Or Corsica or…).

I will watch it right now.

Exactly (as far as I can see) what I was wanting to do. I will do it using a country borders image…

Thanks Alberto.

Any taker for Linux / Mac OS ?

PS: I made a quest some months ago for the HyperCard software, but failed. Without the stack name, it is a bit hard to reach what I want. :wink:

Ha! Reminds me of using HyperCard on my SE30…