Creating a web browser

I was hoping that Xojo would make it possible to create a more fully functional browser than the simple one with an HTMLviewer, a button and a text field used as an example in tutorials (although I admit is cool to be able to create that with just a couple of lines of code.

Can anyone point me towards a book or some online information that would help me to deal with subjects like handling cookies and accepting Java plug-ins or web apps from sites?

I would like to write a Xojo program to remote control another machine. Specifically I was hoping to use the system from within a not-too-complex browser.

I find I can open the logmein home and logon pages but then I hit the buffers when the site wants me to use its Java package.

do you use our MBS Plugin?
We have tons of classes around HTMLViewer.

of course you need to tell if this is Mac or Windows or Linux?

I did use MBS once in Real Studio quite a long time ago to create mouse clicks on “foreign” windows (i.e. windows not in the Xojo program but in browser windows and I will probably need to do that again).

With the remote control I would almost certainly be working on a Mac and I would want to control a remote PC, ideally from a window within the Xojo window. If it is complicated, I suppose I could just put my Xojo window next to a browser window running logmein so that I could work in the two windows almost simultaneously.

you find a lot of functions here:

and for cookies:

Thank you for that Christian. It looks as though the job is possible using some of those functions but I think it’s probably a bit beyond my level of experience at the moment.

I could have my Xojo window sitting next to an ordinary browser window running logmein. Or if I can find a Xojo freelancer who knows MBS plug-ins and who could tackle that part of my project for me, that might be a solution.