Creating a mosaic (with small image files)

In a conversation I lost track, I asked help for a simple project. Before I was able to implement a solution (given by Michel, thank you), I realized that all my code design was wrong:

All I wanted to have was a mosaic built from a serie of small image files. I recall that I’ve done that in… 2002 ! But I do not have the code … handly.

So, when I realized that,

Here’s a (fake) example of what I wanted to do, using some xDev Magazine front covers:

I do not had (handly) all the needed files to fill the screen, so I duplicated some and this is the result.

The project is sharps here and there and I get ideas to make it working differently (thanks to the xDev covers) if less images are dropped at the same time, and have larger size (I was working for a 52 or 52 + 2 or + 3 issues a year / one image / year).

BTW: I do not told you how many different background images I used before the one you see above.
And… the background for the image above was replaced… directly inside the already created Stand-Alone application and… I liked it.

I still have work on my plate, so I stop here.

Nota: I have no particular finencial interest in the xDev Magazine excepted that a bit of advertisement for it was fun to do ;-:).

The current application was built for OS X, but I will make a Windows (8.1) version later.

Any time I need a scrolling area with a bunch of tiles, I just end up using a HTMLViewer as it’s much easier to just let the renderer do the wrapping and scrolling…


get Jim’s shared project and watch how easy it is to do using a container control. It is in the other conversation 'bout the same subject (20 Canvas in a window or so).