Creating A Login Forum using MySql

I’m trying to make a login forum that will connect to a MySQL database. The problem is I have no idea where to start, I have a table created in the database called login, which has ID as int, and username and password as varchar(45)

Dim db As New MySQLCommunityServer db.Host = "" db.Port = 3306 db.DatabaseName = "Union" db.UserName = "unionscooper" db.Password = "set1234" If db.Connect Then

hope all those creditials are as fake as your “name” :slight_smile:

So, help me understand what you’re asking.
Because it reads like you want to store the MySQL connection credentials within the MySQL database…?

Edit: Oh, no, you’re just sharing your connection details.
Yeah, you need to do a LOT of reading on securely storing passwords. Storing them in plain text is unacceptable.
Good read: