Creating a list of Xojo made applications

Over on Facebook I created a group where you can list the applications you’ve made with Xojo.

I will +1 the non-use of Facebook

Just joined the group.

Can it be made publicly viewable like Xojo’s Facebook ?

Facebook here, facebook there…it’s everywhere :confused:
-1 on Facebook :slight_smile:

I agree. Why isn’t there a Xojo forum where we can post a link to our apps?

I dont use facebook either. They rob your personal data and I suspect they have a clause in their T&C’s giving them full intellectual property rights to anything posted on FB or linked to from FB. Steer clear.

The old forum had a topic in the “off-topic” area just for this purpose. Feel free to start a similar conversation here.

Doesn’t it warrant a channel in the forum rather than a conversation?

I want to make it so, I’ve gone through the options so many times, but I don’t see how. Maybe someone can help me out.

Indeed if you don’t like Facebook, feel free to start a similar thing on this forum or another Social Network if you like.

Perhaps it’s because you’ve created a group, not a page…