Creating a installer for your application, where to place libs (dlls) besides exe

Hi all,

I am wondering: do I have to put all dlls in the folder [ applicationname] libs just as they are compiled in xojo or can I for example place them in the system32 folder which I am used to coming from vb6.

The reason why I am asking is because I was used to regsvr32 the dlls and then put them in the system32 folder so that they do not have to sit in the same folder as the exe.
I would like to hide the dlls in the windows system so that people dont have to examine all our dlls in the application dir.

-Is there any option in Xojo to hide the dlls from the application dir?
-Can I place the DLLs from the libs folder in system32 ? e.g. when creating a installer wizarD

Many thanks!

This might help

Hi thanks Wayne for pointing out that post!

Ok I see msvcp120.dll, and msvcr120.dll can be installed in the windows folder but what about the rest of the dlls? do they have to be in the lib folder?

If you happen to install your dlls in the Windows System dir and another app comes along & overwrites yours with a different version you’ll have problems - hence the term DLL Hell

Putting them next to the app gets rid of this problem