Creating a Declare Function - ByVal & ByRef anomalies

I am trying to add some declares to a Windows app but when I type ByVal variablename, it removes the space between the ByVal and the variablename. ByRef does not do this. I am using Xojo Pro 2018R2 on a Windows 7 64bit machine. Has anyone else experienced this behavior and found any workaround.


ByVallpApplicationName As String, ByVallpKeyName As String, ByValnDefault As Long, ByVallpFileName As String, ByRef lpTest As String

Please file a bug report.

Will do, thanks Greg


Interesting, I’m not seeing that, do you have anything installed in Xojo 2018r2\Scripts ?

No, Julian, I currently do not.

Very strange that it only does it on the ByVal and not the ByRef.

Are you sure these are Declares and not just Methods?

Ok, looking at this again, your use of byval is extraneous for Strings. Just remove them and you should be fine.