create web server for xojo web apps

just wondering if anyone has looked into doing this or has done it…
would it be possible to create an xojo program ( mainly for OSX ) to run as a web server and serve an xojo web app.
kinda so the user dosn’t have to install and setup a web server. they can just run an xojo program i make. and then they can access the web app from their browser

Xojo has a built-in web server when Web Apps have their Deployment Type set to Stand Alone.

cool, thanks.
i cant test it because i need a lisenc to build it.
so how does it work?
as i would like to have a standard desktop program i build running and also a web app running at the same time. but running from one application the user opens.

You can do a great deal of testing by running it from the IDE. Testing deployment will require a license which will enable you to Build an executable. For deployment details, visit, read the documentation included with Xojo and browse the Web channel in this forum.

When you run a web app in debug mode it’s running standalone. Your desktop app could launch the web app as a helper if that’s what you want, but they’d be two different apps. You could communicate between them using a tcpsocket or an ipcsocket if needed.