Create table

When I execute this code, a sqlite database gets created in the desired folder (variable points to Application Support), but upon check no table exists/is created in the database and no errors arise (it does execute the db.SQLexecute statement). Anybody got a clue ?

Dim dbFile As New FolderItem(DBPath.Child(“comicDB.sqlite”))
//dbpath points to Application Data on Mac
Dim db As REALSQLDatabase
db = New REALSQLdatabase
db.DatabaseFile = dbFile

If db.CreateDatabaseFile Then
Dim sqlString As String
sqlString = “CREATE TABLE ComicView (comicID INTEGER, comicTitel TEXT, comicDate DATE, comicCover BLOB, PRIMARY KEY(comicID));”
if db.error then
end if
MsgBox("Database error: " + db.ErrorMessage)
End If

Change your code to…

if db.error then
end if

But you could also just change

Dim db As REALSQLDatabase
db = New REALSQLdatabase


Dim db As New SQLiteDatabase

It is actually recommended to use SQLiteDatabase rather than REALSQLDatabase. Then you don’t have to do a manual commit.

Ah… quick check… it worked. I will use the SQLliteDatabase… Thanks

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