Create Session Var to be read in php in htmlviewer

I starting to move over our legacy video system from php to Xojo.

I have a php file that references a session variable and I need to set it in the Xojo app that will display it in the htmlviewer.

Here is the PHP code:

if (!isset($_SESSION['Validated'])) {
	header(sPrintf("Location: %s", "../../ValidationFailure.php"));

So I need to set the session variable Validated so when I load this into the htmlviewer it will not display the fail page.

Trying not to edit all the php files as there are over a hundred.

Any ideas?

Session variables are usually set in php and stored on the server. The whole point is that they’re not transmitted back and forth to the browser.

So it would appear I will have to edit all the php files. Arg!