Create Prefix on XML node.

Hi all!

I’m dealing with creating XMLs on Xojo.
I know that for create the root child you need to do something like this:

root = xml.AppendChild(xml.CreateElement("Comprobante"))

Well I put “Comprobante” cuz I want this name, but This create a Localname, but what about if I need to create a NAME, I mean with a Prefix.

I’ve seen that exist root.PRFEFIX but its read only.

What Am I missing. :(. :frowning:


I’m Able to use Prefixes doing this:

root = xml.AppendChild( _ xml.CreateElement("", "cfdi:Comprobante") )

An I got this Result:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cfdi:Comprobante xmlns:cfdi="">

Its good but what About If I don’t want to say “xmlns:cfdi”, and say “xmlns:xsi” instead?

Isn’t what you’re talking about called a namespace?