Create own Topics for Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

We have two web frameworks now. Since you cannot really convert your web 1 project to web 2, unless you have only basic functionalities, a lot of us will stick to web 1 for a long time to come until we got it managed to rewrite our projects.

Currently it is not easy to find out which frameworks are targeted in a new “Web” thread here in the forum. Both are complete different animals, with different bugs, other usages and different controls. An answer to a web 1 question applies very rarely also to web 2. Result is, that the forums becomes messy, since it is not really obvious from the pure thread.

Therefore I would be happy to have a specific target/category for both web frameworks.


I certainly agree. After spending weeks looking for “workarounds” in Web 2.0 for established features I’ve relied on for years in Web 1.0 (going back to Real Studio) I have with much disapointment given up on Web 2.0. Apple made this same mistake with Final Cut Pro when they discontinued it and came out with a totally different product using that same name Final Cut Pro. It wasn’t called 1.0 or 2.0 but non-the-less the production community never forgave them. In our Xojo community Web 1.0 was a RAD, easy to use, WYSIWYG tool that never required you to learn anything but pure Xojo. If I wanted to focus on CSS and Javascript I’d have gone with something else years ago. Long live Web 1.0. If they turned it into a separate product I’d pay extra for it. I have no use for Web 2.0.