Create MP3 using AVfoundationMBS

I have been a happy MBS user for years.

At the moment I am struggling with using the AVfoundation class to create mp3 files.
On stackoverflow I found some information that mentions some copyright issues.

I thought that the mp3 format was free of any licensing.

Are there any alternatives?
Preferably non FFMPEG, or other wild libraries (due to appstore stuff)

P.S. I work on a Mac only app.

I can’t speak to alternatives, but the mp3 patent expired in 2017 so the information you read on stackoverflow is likely from before then. At this point the format is free to use.

Well, the problem is more that Apple doesn’t deliver a mp3 encoder with their operation system.
They do include mpeg4 audio, so you can use AVAssetExportSessionMBS to export some audio file to m4a if you like.

That’s what I thought. That’s why I thought this was weird that I got error messages.

That Christian!
I would rather use m4a (AAC) anyway: higher quality.
But I wanted to have the mp3 option, for the “just in case” instances.

I still find it weird that Apple doesn’t support mp3, since the expiration of the mp3 patent/license (Like Christian Wheel said)

If I have to choose between mp3 and mp4, I will take the later (best quality as already said).

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