Create MIDI files

Hi everybody,

I’d like to know wether someone has already created a plugin or a class to create MIDI files under Xojo: my goal is to create a file, fill it with notes I choose algorithmically and then close the file.
Has anyone ever dealt with this?

Thanks for all the kind replies.

We have Plugins to send/receive midi and to play via software synthesizer.

The file format can be done in xojo directly. Just write header and midi events to a file with binary stream.

As far as I’m note expert in this kind of things, is there a tutorial to help me out?
The documentation regarding BinaryStream is not helping me whatsoever…

a MIDI file is more than a file stuffed full of notes…
there will be formats to support all the information of written music, notes, fades, volume, multiple channels (instruments)
So you first need to be able to create a valid file, which means understanding its complex inner workings…

so don’t think for a second that this will be a slam-dunk.

in regards to solving a specific problem… of course not, that isn’t the purpose of the LangRef. It tells you how to do things, but not what to do