Create folder in SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport?

In the iOS simulator I can map a folder item to the SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport

f = SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport

but if I try to create a folder inside this folder

f = f.child("My folder") if f <> nil and not f.exists then f.CreateAsFolder end if
It gives a Xojo.IO.IOException error ‘The file “ My folder” doesn’t exist.’

It works creating a folder inside SpecialFolder. Documents.

Is it possible to save folders and file into SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport on iOS, or only Documents, Temporary, etc?

/Documents and perhaps /Temporary already exist for both iOS and Desktop

and I just check and I use ApplicationSupport in a Swift app and it works
as do

  • Documents
  • Resources (read only)
  • Temporary

however my notes indicate for AppSupport folder

 // this folder may not exist... so create it the first time user refers to it

For me ApplicationSupport exists, but it is getting the error when creating a new folder within ApplicationSupport.

I apologise, Dave you are correct, ApplicationSupport did not exist by default. Once I created ApplicationSupport itself, the method works!

Also make sure you use the application’s bundle identifier, I’ve recently seen a handful of people have trouble accessing the Application Support folder, and they were solved when the people started using the bundle identifier as the sub folder identifier.

How do you retrieve an iOS application’s bundle identifier?

I have tried:

app.bundleidentifier system.bundleidentifier Xojo.Core.bundleidentifier Xojo.Core.Locale
etc, and searched the Help, but cannot find it.