Create Custom Paper Size on the fly ?

When printing (to pdf *) with a dedicated application, I need a custom paper size entry (Legal US is not tall enough).

For testings, I created one that fits my test #1.

Now, I extanded a bit with test #2 and I realize what (was) obvious thing: my print height is variable:

I print 6 images (landscape, resized for the Paper width; print in the whole available Paper Width). in each page.

That means… different original with = different needed height.

I can compute the needed height, but I do not know how (and if it is possible) to create a Custom Paper Size (check the Page Setup dialog) on the flyu / by code.

Is it possible ? If so Clue(s) ?


  • Once in pdf, it can be printed on paper…

When you create PDF with our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin, you can define any paper size you like.

Nice !

Unfortunately, my wallet cannot afford anythin not “kostenlos” :frowning:

That project is < 75KB :wink: