Create a Picture Gallery

hello, how I can create a picture gallery, reading the picture path from a table and displaying the picture file (PNG)

Here’s some ways I can think of.

  1. generate some HTML in your Xojo app and then use a HTMLViewer to display it. Works incredibly well and provides smooth scrolling.

  2. Use a canvas, load the pictures into memory and draw them. This is fairly easy code wise but very inefficient and slow to update.

  3. Use declares or a plugin to load the thumbnails of the pictures and then CALayers to lay them out on a canvas. Most complicated; but most flexible and super smooth. Animation is also included for free.

  4. Use declares or plugins to use the system supplied icon grid control. Never used it myself.

if you’re familiar with Obj-C you may want to use the IKImageBrwoser class:

If not, you can do it simply by using containers and a control class which handles,add,insert,remove, the layout and scrolling. It’s not very difficult. You may also use the listbox.

I like HTML suggestion too and would see an example :slight_smile:

Download the demo, the template list is all HTML that the program generates.

Ok thanks

You can also draw the thumbs into a large Canvas:

  • No htmlviewer,
  • Some computations for the x,y locations

x: compute the value from the window width, the number of thumbs, the thumbs width and y
y: once you are near enough of the window rightmost position, increment it, reset x to the first thumb location and paint…

And if you need to scroll vertically, add a ScrollBar at the rightmost location, near the Canvas.