Create a iOS app in my windows laptop


I have Xojo Professional but I do not see the iOS option for create a App in my windows laptop. That mean I need to buy a Mac Pro Laptop??


iOS is available only on Mac.

You can only create Xojo iOS apps on a Mac system.

If you grab the latest Visual Studio from MS, you will get the Xamarin tools that allow you to create iOS and Android apps on Windows, but you don’t get the simplicity of Xojo’s language to do it.

Thanks for the updates I will order my Mac pro today.

If you’re looking for a truly useful Mac Pro, go to one of the used resellers and get a Mac Pro 5,1 in the silver tower case. You can expand through the addition of simple PCIe cards and ever update RAM and video with off the shelf components. The 5,1 units will run every Mac OS from 10.8 through 10.13.

you don’t need a mac pro to do this … a mac mini will do as will any mac, just don’t forget to have an ssd drive for enough speed.


Working on my 6th iOS app and that’s what I use.

I have Xojo Pro and I just buy my Mac Mini and sing up and I have 2 Windows PC and the Mac Mini activate in my account. But for any reason when I start test my Mac Mini I can not build or run any project.


Abimael, do you have Xcode 8.x or 9.x installed?

No, how I can install that, I can build in desktop and web but I can not build in iOS and I have Xojo Pro license.
I use Mac Mini

You have to install Apple’s Xcode and run it at least once to install the tools. I usually sign into my Apple Developer account to download it but it might also be available in the App Store app on the Mac.

This may help you (I haven’t started with iOS yet):

Even Xamarin with Visual Studio on Windows requires a Mac on your local network for Xcode to do the actual build, before I think you can even run the Remoted iOS Simulator on Windows.