Crazy conspiracy theory: Apple dropping the Mac.

What started out as a stupid conspiracy theory I read online a couple of years ago, seems to be coming true.

It suggested that Apple would abandon the Mac in favor of iOS and other ventures.
#1 Xcode is being developed for a large screened iPad.
Larger screened iPad came out with a realy simple ‘education’ version of Xcode.

#2 Apple would significantly slow down development on their Mac hardware.
Which appears to be true. Third iPad Pro update is expected next month, while still no updates to Apple’s MacBook Pro line.

#3 OS X (sorry macOS) would get minor improvements for a while and then dropped.
Sounds about right.

When I first heard it, I thought it was nonsense… But now… I’m not so sure anymore. Do you think that Cook really would kill off the Mac?

I think it makes sense to maintain 1 OS instead of 2. But I hope they don’t drop the mac laptop and desktop hardwares, just make iOS run there.


I think it makes sense to maintain 1 OS instead of 2. But I hope they don’t drop the mac laptop and desktop hardwares, just make OSX (macOS) run on the iPhone/iPad platform.

Gosh! Hope they do not drop the macs. It is going to be difficult to code on an iPad Pro. Even with two external monitors on my Macbook Pro, I don’t feel I have enough screen real estate.

Microsoft have purchased the Desktop business of Apple and are developing their next os OSXI also known as Windows 11 (this is the real reason why there was no Windows 9)


I love conspiracy theories.

Simple test to do. Go to an Apple Store (the physical one) with youriOS device without a meeting date/time and check what happens (how you are received by the employees).

Do the same with your Mac hardware (laptop: MacBook / MacBook Pro).

What will you hear ?

(For my MacBook Pro: “you have to take a meeting date/time”). Polite answer. I do that.

Me too. A thread of thruthiness this is…

As a Scientist I hate them with a passion.

The vast majority are red herrings obscuring the truth, making getting at the truth that much harder. And even when proven wrong many people prefer to cling to their opinion/conspiracy theory rather than accept facts (the textbook definition of true stupidity).

Conspiracy theories remind me of the Ancient Astronauts Theory : throw everything into a bowl, especially unconfirmed and unsubstantiated stuff, mix thoroughly, imply it is true, an serve with the most serious face.

The only part that seems medium term believable is that OS X becomes at one point a branch of iOS. Although the staunch absence of mouse on iOS, and the absence of touch on the Mac make it less easy than it sounds on the surface.

That said, about Surface, the iPad Pro is too close from the Microsoft hardware to be entirely immune from a Macization at one point. Add a trackpad and it becomes singularly close to the Surface Pro. Actually with the Pencil, it could become usable. Although a 13" screen is hardly sufficient.

Compounded with very real ignorance and intellectual dishonesty. That’s called most often faith. Circular reference. I believe therefore its true.

@Michel: you might enjoy if you don’t know it already.

Oh come on Markus where’s your sense of fun? If anyone reading my statement actually analysed the content they would surely have known I made that up in just few seconds and without any foundation.

For anybody who doesn’t understand the missing Windows 9, it’s all due to longevity of the Windows product. Too many apps refer to the Windows 9x (as in 95, 98 & millennium) editions for version information. You OSX people won’t understand that because yesterday has been deprecated!

One more question Markus as a scientist could you take measurements of 0.000004% of the life of a product, predict its trend and further more point at a disruptor to the natural course of events?

Sorry Eli, I have no inside knowledge, and if this is the truth it’s pure coincidence. Just having some fun:)

they call it iWindows


I suspect it might happen some day but it feels like years away yet. If it does ever happen, I’d guess the two platforms will have become so close by that point that it will hardly matter.

I got that. Doesn’t change my stance on conspiracy theories. You have no idea how often I have to deal with questions from desperate people about miracle cures for cancer that are “held back by the pharma industry”. There is absolutely no fun in that.

On the contrary. As most Mac people also use Windows (especially the members of this forum) we are well aware of what Microsoft is doing. And sometimes even why.

The same can unfortunately not always be said for Windows users who think an upgrade from 10.6 to 10.7 to 10.8 to 10.9 to 10.10 to 10.11 are “just point updates like a Windows service pack”. Sigh.

Actually yes. When you see a bridge being stable for 50 years and in the last two minutes you saw massive cracks developing then feel free to still drive across it with your lorry. That would be a classical example of evolution in action :wink:

And yes, I know you were referring to global warming. Funny thing is the doubters criticised that it only looked like global warming because not enough data had been crunched to pick up long-term trends. So they established and funded their own institute, staffed it with climate sceptics, and let them analyze many more data. Their conclusion: it is even worse than was said by the ICC. But climate sceptics didn’t want to hear that. Which brings us neatly back to my point about true stupidity.

From my point of view… expect to see an Xcode version for iOS (Cloud based) , and the Mac to vanish once ALL the development can be effectively done in the iOS devices. Sad… but true, true, true :-/

Probably this is not a one or two years movement; the Mac is still unbeatable for too many things! (power, “freedom” of external ports —connected devices— and available software), that is not an option even on the iPad “Pro”.

The mainboard of My MacBook Air 11 (2011) died some time ago… and I haven’t taken steps to buy a replacement mainly because I think that some new MacBook Pro are around the corner!

Now, that’s what I call a proper conspiracy theory.

Why can’t an operating system actually be called “done”? You guys are all operating under the assumption that everything needs updating and nothing is either “good enough” or “as good as it can be”. Truthfully, OSX was done for me at 10.6 Snow Leopard, the OSX’s after that either introduced draconian security measures, or deciding for me that Save As… was unnecessary, or changing the appearance where the whole world is 2D, or changing the Finder where everything is Spotlight and not as accurate as directly dealing with HFS.

And now that operating systems are free - no longer sold - what’s the incentive, even if there ARE things that could be included or improved? And further, often we aren’t even talking about the OS - we are talking about free programs included in the OS, which is a contrived practice in the first place.

Or, if we are talking about Apple ignoring Desktop/Laptop users - again, same argument. After Apple gets my money for my computer, I could care less about them. Computer use isn’t a *%&^$ marriage for heavens sake. If “Apple just works” - GOOD. Let me work. Stop updating. Stop messing with a platform that allows me to be productive. I don’t WANT updating, at least not anymore.

So that’s just software. As far as hardware - how fast is really necessary? Don’t get my wrong, my computer still isn’t instantaneous. But really, are we talking about need or are we talking about impatience now? Perhaps it’s good for everyone to slow down their pace anyway.

Maybe Apple just thinks OSX is mature and… done. Good.