Crashes when closing app

Recently I noticed my apps (three different apps) crashes sometimes when you close them. Not sure with which Xojo release this was introduced.
It doesn’t happen always though … seems ‘random’.

All Crash reports always referring to NAAutoReleasePool

Any clues?

This might mean that an Objective C object has been released manually, which leads to a crash when the auto release pool wants to release it.

You can only find which steps cause a crash most of the times.
Could be a declare, plugin or framework method which releases and object once too often.


So you could maybe find the object over released.

I am forcing to release NSProcessInfoActivityMBS in the CancelClose event ( token=nil).
I do this in those three apps. Maybe that could be the issue.

Will remove the NIL and see what happens.

the activity doesn’t look like something in an array…

It wasn’t the nil issue. I still get the same crashes at random.

Found why it crashes.
Whenever I call in the Window CancelClose event:

BTW ProcessInfo = NSProcessInfoMBS.processInfo

It crashes 1 out 5 times.

We’ll look into it.
The code is here very careful to not overrelease it, but maybe you found a way.
(or Apple has a bug)