Crash or Unexpected quit: how to reload the data/file(s) ?

Earlier today, I was reading a file in a Xojo created application, and some hours later, I had a crash (not Xojo related).

At reboot time, Firefox launched and it displays the open windows (and tabs) contents.

While dinning, I was asking myself that my application does not do that at all and I do not have an idea on how to achive that goal.

All ideas are welcome (Linux, macOS, Windows) :wink:

when you OPEN the file, save the meta data about the file (location etc)
when you CLOSE the APP, destory that saved meta data
when you OPEN the APP, check if that meta data exists, if so, you crashed and can recover using that meta data
if the app had closed normally that meta data doesn’t exist

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@Dave: thank you for the answer. It open ideas.
Nothing OS related ?

@Emile Schwarz — Well macOS implements such functions but Xojo does not make them available !

Not sure what you mean by that?

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