Crash near ___pthread_kil

Xojo crashes 3 or 4 times a day for me. near ___pthread_kil

In feedback there are a few cases. But feedback is messed up.
Is full of reports but it is closed (Duplicate of 50081)
So lets go to
Its closed as a duplicate too ( a ton of reports here)
But its closed as a duplicate of 50203
So lets go to
Case Not Available
The case was not returned from the server. This is usually because the case is private, or does not exist.

There are other duplicate/related cases:

Searching “pthread_kill” trips up 13 cases all “reviewed” Verified" or “Needs Review”

I’m not throwing rocks here, but I can’t tell if Xojo is aware of the intensity of this bug given that Feedback is really hard to follow in this case.


See . I don’t think that anything came out of the discussion from the thread.