Could you test this on a dual monitor mac please?

I don’t have easy access to a dual monitor mac without ordering some cables for my old mac laptop that I use for occasional testing so I’d really appreciate it if you could test this and let me know your findings.

Here’s the code

Could you put your monitor setup in something like this:

with the primary monitor at 100% scaling and the secondary monitor to the right at a scaled resolution >100% (I don’t know what the mac equivalent of this would be but I’m sure you know :))

As you move the mouse off the right of the main screen onto the right screen, does the MouseX value go up linearly or is there a jump back to a lower value as you cross the monitor edge like this?

Just a quick, yes it scales smoothly like the upper number in the gif or no it steps and drops back down like the lower number in the gif would be all the info I require, just make sure you have two different scales between the monitors. If you see a jump in the numbers could you add the setup res/scales you have?

Thanks in advance!

My Primary is an iMac 27" with a 19" Dell as the 2nd
the Dell is normally 1280x1024 resolution. My options were 1024x820 and 800x640…
I set it to 800x640

the MouseX value moved smoothly in value as it was moved from left to right crossing the monitor boundary
The only restriction was if I attempted to move to the smaller monitor from a point on the main screen with a Y value greater than 640… but that was expected.

Thanks Dave, and is your main iMac screen scaled?

If it is, would you be able to jiggle them around so the non-scaled dell is running native on the left of the iMac scaled screen and see if there’s any jump across the transition?


No. the iMac is running at its native resolution…

I downloaded you test app, ran it without changing the Dell… smooth results.
Then I changed the scale on the Dell and it remained a smooth transition.
I tried it at all 3 resolutions on the Dell all with positive results.


Tried it as well - had same results - X value increases smoothly across monitors @ 2 different scalings.
iMac 27" @ 2650x1440 + Apple Thunderbolt Display @ 1280x720

Thanks John

Same here, the values change smoothly on different monitors, on different scalings.

Thanks all, I have enough data now.