Could not execute returned javascript: page.close result in web

The Message is generated by javascript. I cannot close a page after leavong it to another page without this errormessages. This is annying cause I would have to reset all the stuff done within the page before what is like garbadge collecting and makes it really uncomfortable to work with.

Messages like this are coming up from time to time. This one has inside:
Could not execute returned javascript: userContents is null
Source: Xojo.controls[‘cYxDKGit’].deleteAllRows();
document.title = “Menue”;

When not saying page.close then the error is not coming up. This makes it impossible to close a page and reload and means all in this page used variables have to be cleaned by Hand, otherwise you will have them active later when you visi this page again.

The WebPage you are having trouble with, is Implicit Instance On or is it Off.

Yes it is. Otherwise I would have to call it all the time as instance but where may be not other way. Got it, thanks.

Well the reason I bring this up is that when you call Close on an implicit instance, things get destroyed that will not be recreated. In this case it is better to simply Hide the page. If you need a new, fresh copy every time, it is usually better to turn off Implicit Instance.

But I have than also to call the page as instance. The normaly used way to open a page is not working as espected. So I would have to rewrite mouch stuff and so I have to decide to do garbadge collection instead of.

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Out of sync events?

Like the dev saying:


And the system doing some kind of round-trip out of sync mess like:

w.close() // Completed!
w.c.deleteall() // Delayed, finish it now!


You could add a Shared Method to the page to do the work for you, and this is how the Web 1.0 framework was designed to work.

done already, thanks