could not execute returned javascript: 'null is not an object

I get a 'could not execute returned javascript: ‘null is not an object…’ javascript error about 90%ish of the time. Since it isn’t always, and the IDE doesn’t throw any issues in running, I’m not sure how to track it down.

Could not execute returned javascript: 'null' is not an object (evaluating '') Source: new imageview('ID6WJAg9',['DoubleClick','PictureChanged']); Xojo.controls['ID6WJAg9'].setEnabled(true); Xojo.input.install(Xojo.controls['ID6WJAg9'].object()); new webcanvas('G7Eusl9p',['Resized']); Xojo.controls['G7Eusl9p'].setEnabled(true); new container('GfWtob1k',[]); Xojo.controls['GfWtob1k'].setEnabled(true); Xojo.controls['ID6WJAg9'].object().removeAttribute('title'); Xojo.controls['ID6WJAg9'].refresh(); Xojo.controls['ID6WJAg9'].setSource(""); didFinishLoading(); Xojo.triggerServerEvent('GfWtob1k','shown'); new imageview('FL2Ysq6t',['DoubleClick','PictureChanged']); Xojo.controls['FL2Ysq6t'].setEnabled(true); Xojo.input.install(Xojo.controls['FL2Ysq6t'].object()); new webcanvas('X9QXnhaS',['Resized']); Xojo.controls['X9QXnhaS'].setEnabled(true); new container('RzshP13n',[]); Xojo.controls['RzshP13n'].setEnabled(true); Xojo.controls['FL2Ysq6t'].object().removeAttribute('title'); Xojo.controls['FL2Ysq6t'].refresh(); Xojo.controls['FL2Ysq6t'].setSource(""); didFinishLoading();
… (many more loads like the two above…)

I can track down the imageview that is throwing the error. However, there isn’t anythings obvious to me that is causes the error at runtime.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Does clearing your browser cache help any?

Make sure you don’t have any code in webpage Open that tries to manipulate controls. Put that kind of code in the Shown event.