Corrupt Project?

Running Windows 8, Xojo 20913/r3.
This project contains 2 web pages and runs if they are blank.
Add a button or a link (maybe others fail too) and the app fails to run and shows me the feedback form. No code attached to them.
Text boxes are ok.

This project had other bits in (I was playing with modules and global references to webpages to avoid implicit page refs) but I have taken them all out.

If this project is in fact corrupt, does anyone know how to fix it? I’d hate to start a major project only to have it go like this and be unfixable…

Download here

Just to add, I’ve closed the project down (and Xojo).
Persists on reopening the project in a fresh Xojo IDE run.

…and it’s just started working again.

If someone else could try and see if the project works for them I’d be very grateful.

If it does, then I must just assume I have gone mad.

Seems to do alright on my end, Windows 8 w/ Xojo 2013r3…

Then I shall stick two pencils up my nose, put my underpants on my head and go, “wibble”

Make sure to video that, and post it on Reddit… don’t forget to share the link here too.