Correct Window Transparency / MacOSLib / Can’t use GitHub.

I’m sorry but I do not understand how to use GitHub. I cannot remove a revoked branch and seem not to be able to create a new. Besides needing a GitHub lesson some time, maybe someone here who is into this stuff and MacOSLib alike would like to add the following:

I had noticed that it wasn’t possible to create a semi transparent NSWIndow that wasn’t grey. This made it impossible to adapt my windows to the coming Yosemite white transparent look.
By looking into MacOSLib/Cocoa/Classes/NSWindow/Methods/Transparency, I found that the background color was set with the default window color:

dim nsc as NSColor = NSColor.ColorWithRGB( 0.92, 0.92, 0.92, Value )

Therefore the grey.

When you replace this line by the following two:

dim bgc as nscolor = self.BackgroundColor dim nsc as NSColor = bgc.ColorWithAlpha (value),
the real window background color is taken and white transparent windows (or any other color) are possible.

And while we’re at it:
NSColor misses the BlueComponent method. The easiest method to add it: Duplicate the RedComponent method, rename it BlueComponent and change the contents so that they read

[code] //# Returns the NSColor’s blue component.

#if targetMacOS
declare function blueComponent lib CocoaLib selector “blueComponent” (id as Ptr) as Single

return blueComponent(self)


Theoretically one could use the components for the transparency method above, but if the window background should have been designed in a different colorspace (like grayscale), an exception would occur. So converting the color space like written above is more secure.

Again sorry: I would have liked to add this myself. But I’m too afraid I could mess up something the way GutHub presents the code to me.

No problem, I’ve submitted it to the github repository for you, thank you for your suggestions!

Thanks a lot!