Correct way to access a sqlite db

Hello all.

I have a pi running one of my apps on it. It uses/accesses a sqlite database located on the pi. I need to access that same database (mostly read) from a separate windows and/or linux box - again running one of my apps. The app I am working on, is the one that is trying to access the existing on the pi.

What is the correct and best way to do this?
Thanks all!

Hi Tim,

My recomendation: The app that executes on the Pi should be the only one that accesses the SQLite database. Then, this app can act also as a “server” or listener for attending and dispatch the requests received from other “clients” (the separate Windows and Linux box).

Also, If you’re starting with SQLite, maybe this can be interested in this Tutorial:

Hope it helps!


I bought «studio stable database» source code some time ago.
I really liked that solution.

I belive it’s a dead product now.