Core Date Time Abbreviations

Does anybody know if there is a list of the time zone abbreviations?

I can’t seem to find it in the docs.

PST, MST, CST, and EST are working well, but I’m looking for Atlantic Standard Time and using AST is coming out about 5 hours off.

There is a list of timezone abbreviations on wikipedia, but it appears that AST is ambigious and could mean both Atlantic Standard Time or Arabia Standard Time.

So in this case perhaps it’s better to use the gmtOffsetInSeconds Constructor. Since Atlantic time is GMT -4, you can use it like this:

[code]Dim current As Xojo.Core.Date = Xojo.Core.Date.Now

Dim AtlanticZone As New Xojo.Core.TimeZone(-4 * 60 * 60)
Dim AtlanticDate As New Xojo.Core.Date(current.SecondsFrom1970, AtlanticZone)

Boom. That did it. Thanks Paul!