Copying iOSLib into project

I know this is a newby question from a guy who has been using Xojo forever BUT…
Can someone tell me step by step how to successfully get the iOSLib folder into my project. As Ulrich says dragging it into the project causes name changes. I can’t seem to copy the folder and paste it. Must be doing something stupid.

Copy and paste ?

+1 for copy and paste.

Make sure you really selected the folder in Navigator. Sometimes an item has the focus but you must click again to highlight/select it. Then you should be able to use the clipboard as usual.

The thing I was doing (incorrectly) was copying the iOSLib folder in the Finder and then it would not paste to the project.
The procedure that worked was to open the iOSLIb Unified.xojo_project in Xojo and then copy the iOSLib folder from that project’s Navigator and then it copied into my project successfully. Thanks for the hint Ulrich.