I’m having some trouble getting icons to show up on my app’s documents, and the first step that I’m looking at is the OSX option “CopyIconFiles”.

I looked through all of the various options under the Help menu, but searching all of those documents for “CopyIconFiles” came up empty.

I have been assuming I need to drop .icns files into this list, but since that isn’t helping, I’m wondering if they should be png’s.

Where can I find documentation on what looks to be a very helpful feature?

John - There is no CopyIconFiles step, just “CopyFiles”, so that must be something that you modified. If you’re copying your appname.icns file, where are you copying it to? It should have the Resources Folder set as its destination.

If that’s correct, have you defined the project’s “File Types” under the OS X build’s specific Inspector?

Hmmm… It’s evidently a script based on “Copy Files”. Maybe it’s something that looked useful one day and turns out to be not so helpful. I sure don’t remember making it myself, but then again there’s a lot I can’t remember these days…:wink:


To take that further, in order for your app to have assigned document / file types is a 45 step process:

  • Create your document icon(s)
  • Create your filetypes module
  • Add your file types (including extension and icon) to the Filetypes module that you created
  • Specify the filetype(s) defined in the OS X-specific Build Settings
  • Copy your document icons into the Resources Folder

Those steps are all done, including assign the role of either Editor or Viewer to each filetype.

Maybe I shouldn’t be copying the .icns files into my finished build?

I’ll see if AppWrapper helps.

You do need to copy the .icns file(s). That’s where Finder looks for them.

Something else must be happening in your case. Those are the steps that I use every time and my document icons show up in Finder as expected.

Check the Get Info on the document in Finder. See if it’s using your app to open the document.

BTW - @Tim Parnell - could you please call this freezing weather back to NY? We’re the desert and we’re not supposed to wake up to frozen windshields :stuck_out_tongue:

You may also need to restart finder to get it to clear its cache!

Are these regular files or document pacakages?

In the OS X build settings make sure the files are either viewer or editor, shell and none don’t seem to associate file icons.

The one thing I did that seemed to make a difference was clearing out my old MacType settings and replacing them with “???”. It looks like doing that suddenly let all of the other icon settings (UTI’s, icons, etc.) take effect.

A reboot also got everything applied to all of my existing document files.

Thanks to you all for your speedy help!