CopyFiles1 script… copy nothing!

I add a CopyFile script, drop an image (then three, then a folder with these images), checked ar IDE run time into the .debug file (because the image does not appears) and the files are not there.

I changed the location with the same result.

The images are png files; and no, I do not want to drag them into the project (thank you).

Xojo 2021r2.1
Monterey 12.4
m1 MacBook Pro

It was a working evening until I fall into the ground with some issues and watch TV while the night was still young !

Where do you copy the file to ?

Can you try Xojo2022r1.1?

Make sure the copy file is below the gear which represent the build.

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Thanks Michel, Alberto
I think we have a winner here. I was “stoned” it was not the case.

Worst: I was asking myself why I do not have the CopyFiles1 entry until I saw it just below my last window (where it does not belong).

I will check if I can move it…

I copied the file inside Contents, I started with Resources… of the .debug package.

It refuse to do that:

macOS was not even checked, and no gear.

CopyFiles1 copy three images,
CopyFiles2 copy a folder with images

All images are png.

I will try to close the project quit Xojo and relaunch the whole.

Thank you Alberto.

You are right, the gear appears in the last version.

However, I read the Release Notes (r1 and r1.1 (1)) and saw nothing regarding CopyFiles, Gear and Desktop (something for iOS, but I am not sure it is related).

(1) I trashed 2021r3.

I see. As it stands, the copy file is never called.

Drag the copy file into MacOS, under the gear which represents the build:

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 11.53.10

Under Xojo 2022r2.1, the Build (with the Gear Icon) does not appears.

That appears with 2022r1.1


I never use beta for my professional apps. What I posted is with 2021R3.1.

Simply revert to 2022R1.1.

Off-topic but I must say that: The gear icon above is really nice - decent color, three-dimensional, pleasant for eyes. But I am afraid than sooner or later we may expect ugly, flat, monochrome and unclear SF symbols which are unintuitive, not easy to identify in a fraction of a second from other “buttons” and irritant for eyes.

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I’m afraid so. Sometimes the change is for the best (or better), sometimes we still are asking why ?

And we never get an answer…

I’m sure it is a typo, should be Xojo 2021r2.1. Not possible to have 2022r2.1 in beta if r2 is not released yet.

Indeed, 2022r2.1 does not exist yet.

Too many 2s…

Nota: I’ve made an error and saved the project under 2022r1.1.

I read it back with 2021r2.1 later, etc.

EARLIER today, I noticed a GEAR in the macOS entry as shown by Michel above !