CopyFiles not working in Web Edition?

CopyFiles works for desktop apps, but isn’t supposed to work for Web Edition apps too? The file(s) never show up for me. I have added a feedback report: <>

Create a new Web Edition project, name it.
Choose Insert>Build Step>Copy Files
Drag any desktop file into the CopyFile area and save the project anywhere
Build the app

The desktop file is not included in the built application. Nor does it work if you ask the CopyFiles to be added to the Resources folder or any other setting.

Workaround: Drag in the file after the app has been built.

Yes, it works. After creating the step, did you drag it into the appropriate target section?

More info please — I dragged the file(s) into the CopyFile window and they appeared in the list. I saved then ran/built. The files that show up in the CopyFile window are no where inside the debug or built application.

Are you suggesting I need to drag the CopyFile item itself somewhere? It works differently than the Xojo desktop CopyFile in that it doesn’t exist within a Build icon with one CopyFile icon for each environment.

same problem here. Maybe i’m doing something wrong ? (Web license on version 2013 R3)

I too am on 2013R3

Yes, it has to be in one or more of the target sections that you are building for, and choose the correct destination. To have the file(s) copied into the same folder as the web app (beside the web app), I use “Bundle Parent Folder” destination.

I don’t understand this statement. The copy files step works the same in Desktop and Web, in that the step has to exist in the appropriate build target section. For both platforms, you won’t see a Build Icon unless you have a build step in that target section.

See User Guide book 3 (Framework), chapter 9, section 2 (page 196 in the 2013R3 version).

Things are getting weirder:
When I open an old Desktop app it has a Build icon containing an icon for each of Mac, Linux and Windows, and the CopyFiles icon appears in each of these. This works OK.
When I create a new desktop app there is no Build icon. Nor can I create one. Plus the IDE crashes when I try to copy the Build icon from my old project to my newly created project.

The question now is ‘How can I create a Build icon with the three environmental icons in it?’ for either desktop or web edition!

Sorry, I get it now! You have to drag and drop CopyFiles1 on top of the environment icon below the Shared text. Wow, this was NOT at all intuitive! Thank you Jay!

Yeah and make sure you place it after the build gear or you will get an error.

So thankful for this thread. Definitely not intuitive and this process needs to be improved…

I’m getting an error though:

The script ‘CopyFilesMac’ can’t copy files to the destination in a pre build step. The destination does not exist yet. This step will not be executed.

Edit: Fixed - didn’t realize I could drag the item order around under the platforms - also not intuitive…