What CopyColorChannels meant to do ?

I mean what does it really do ?

For the record, I used:

Var colorChannels As Picture

colorChannels = An_Image.CopyColorChannels

The result is a Picture that looks like the original. Of course, I do not saved the result to disk.

It copies the RGB channels of a RGBA picture.

If you don’t have an alpha channel / mask or it is 100% opaque then it will look the same as the original.

Thank you for your explanation, but I do not get it. [btw: I think I am starting to understand… but not what I was searching].

I’ve made a Google search and all I get is a ton of site that do what I want to know how to code…
Something like: “You want a baby ? Send me your wife and I will send you the baby back with her” (1).

(1) this is often free, but I suspect you have only a limited free number of image(s).
Or, it says… Open the XYZ Tab and do this. But it never told you where the Tab is / what software is used, etc.

A total waste of time.

Many modern image formats have color info (Red, Green and Blue info) as well as transparency or Alpha information.

CopyColorChannels (RGB) and CopyMask (A) allow you to separate the color info from the transparency info. Usually the reason to do this is if you need to do some complex merging of images more than just drawing one on top of another.