Copy shortcut properies (command line options) to new icon

So, I am updating my app, and I am releasing a a new installer, which should change the icon…

The problem is most of the users have already configured the startup options via command line options in their shortcuts… So If I just create a new icon on their desktops they will loose their customization…

Is there a way to programatically copy the options from the old icon to the new one ?


I guess it depends on what installer you use and if there is some kind of scripting language for it.

Failing that you can manipulate shortcuts with COM:

Unless you’re changing the location or name of your app, you shouldn’t have to mess with their shortcuts.

I see… I just want to update it’s Icon…

If the binary name is the same and location the same, but you just changed icon within the binary, Windows will get around to updating the desktop shortcut to the new binary icon when it decides to update its icon cache. AFAIK anyway.