Copy/Paste duplicates 2023R4

I noticed in Windows when I copied a field, like the TextField and pasted that I got like 8 copies of the field. I thought it might be a Windows IDE issue.

But I primarily dev in MacOS and I am seeing it there as well. I searched and found some older posts with the same issue but it seems this has resurfaced in 2023R4. I don’t remember it happening in R3

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I recall it was happening if you copy-paste some items inside a tab or pagepanel.
now I’m used to first move the item out of the panel, then duplicate then move back again
so I don’t have this weird behavior.
but yes it’s a long time bug.

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Let’s hope, this is not one of those “good enough” workarounds for Xojo. :smiley:

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How exactly can i reproduce this? So far i’m not seeing it in R4 on macOS.

FWW this happens with Xojo for years (I recall this happens with the first Xojo version too).
It mostly happens when a lot of controls are in a pagepanel with containers.

On macOS I never had this (with the same projects).

I learned to live with this.

Do we have an open issue with valid steps to reproduce?

Let’s upvote it.

I am duplicating some text fields or text areas in a tab panel. For me:

Click on the field, hit CMD-C to copy
then it does seem to matter whether I click out or just hit CMD-V I get like 8 of the fields all on top of one another.

Interesting. I always use the Duplicate command, CTL-D. Does that exhibit the same problem?

I don’t know on duplicate. 40 years of copy/paste are hard to lose. LOL